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Dale's last wish was not to be forgotten…and this non-profit foundation is dedicated to carry on his amazing courage and wonderful spirit.




The Dale M. Inouye Foundation Mission

  • Encourage young athletes to develop the values of inner strength, courage and a true joy for life, as demonstrated by Dale.
  • Promote and support the youth activities that Dale loved, such as basketball, golf and hula.
  • Raise funds to help in the battle against cancer.
  • Serve as a memorial for Dale and the life he shared with so many.


The Dale M. Inouye Foundation is a California nonprofit benefit corporation started in 2010 by a group of his coaches and his friends in memory of this special young boy.  They organized the inaugural Dale M. Inouye Memorial Basketball Tournament which was held at Cal State Dominguez Hills to perpetuate the memory of Dale…raise funds for cancer research…and promote youth sports and scholarships.

Today, DMI continues to keep Dale's memory alive through its annual Basketball Tournament and Golf Tournament.


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Randy Kiehm

    • Teacher & Coach, Stephen White, Los Angeles Unified School District
    • Dale’s basketball coach of the FOR Pacers
    It was Dale’s life that inspired me to act. I know others who have passed away from cancer. I hope DMI raises funds for cancer care and research and serves as a memorial for Dale and his life.
    — Randy Kiehm

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    Scott Mibu

      • Institutional Sales and Marketing for Alternative Investments at a full service investment firm.
      • Helped set up corporate, non-profit foundation
      • Son Dylan teammate of Dale on FOR Pacers
      I hope to carry on the memory of Dale among not only his friends and family, but to many others so no one forgets him. Also, our goal is to organize many fund raising events to honor Dale’s life and to help raise money to fight cancer and support youth activities in his name.
      — Scott Mibu

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      Cathie Tani

        • Teacher for Los Angeles Unified School District, Title 1 Reading
        • Friend with Dale’s mom, Juliann and classmate at UCLA
        Through the DMI Foundation, I’d like to remember our children who have gone before us. We need to celebrate Dale’s life each year so that everyone can remember him with us.
        — Cathie Tani

        Harvey Kitani

        • Teacher & Coach at Fairfax High School, Los Angeles Unified School District
        • Dale’s basketball coach of the FOR Pacers
        I’m part of the DMI Foundation to make sure Dale’s life is not forgotten. I want to share his legacy with as many people as possible and to fund raise for cancer research.”
        — Harvey Kitani

        William Harold ("Hal") Carlson - Founding Board Member

        William Harold ("Hal") Carlson - Founding Board Member

        William Harold ("Hal") Carlson was one of the founding board members for the DMI Foundation.  Hal never had a chance to meet Dale in person.  However, he found inspiration in Dale's story as Hal shared a common fight against cancer.  Hal was so moved by Dale's story of courage that he became a founding board member and was an integral part of the planning and organization of the first DMI Basketball Tournament.  He unfortunately only lived to see the first basketball tournament and passed away on June 29, 2011.  Hal's memory and work lives on through the DMI Foundation and continues to inspire others to maintain focus on their inner strength.  We miss you, Hal.

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        The Dale M. Inouye Foundation is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation and is tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Tax I.D. #27-4036268. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.