10th Annual DMI Memorial Basketball Tournament

July 13 - 14, 2019

The Dale M. Inouye Foundation is excited to see you at the Tenth Annual Dale M. Inouye Memorial Invitational Basketball Tournament, in memory of Dale M. Inouye.  The tournament will be held in his memory to promote the qualities of sportsmanship, perseverance, and inner strength through friendly basketball competition.

Tournament Instructions

Location:  All games are held at California State University Dominguez Hills, 1000 E. Victoria St., Carson 90747.  Driving directions and the campus map are attached.  The gym is building 60 on the map at www.csudh.edu.


Signed Waiver:  Please turn in the signed waiver before the first game (to the center court score table) if you have not already sent yours in.

Uniforms:  The team listed first (on the top) on the schedule will wear white/light. 

Parking:  Parking fees have increased to $8, effective July 1, 2017.  Please pay at the parking ticket dispensers located along the perimeter of the lots, and display your ticket clearly on the windshield.  Parking will be enforced on both Saturday AND Sunday.

Pizza Lunch:  We will be serving pizza to the teams on Saturday.  Please send a parent to pick up your pizzas and juice boxes at the snack bar after your second game on Saturday. Please eat the pizza outside on the grass area, and be sure to clean up your area before leaving.

Lobby:  We will also be selling homemade baked goods, snack items, drinks, chicken bowls, and spam musubi at the snack bar on Saturday.  DMI t-shirts will also be sold on both days.

No food/drinks in gym:  Only wateris permitted inside the gym.  The gym gets very hot and stuffy inside, so handheld fans are encouraged.

Silent Auction – Saturday only:   We will be having a silent auction in the side room at the gym next to court 2.  Please come in to browse and bid on the many items.  There will be sports tickets, men’s and women’s accessories, gift cards, etc….something for everybody. 

  • The auction will only be on Saturday from 10:00am until 5:00pm. 

  • Bidding closes at 5:00pm.  Absentee bid forms are available if you cannot stay.   

  • Winners will be notified by text on Saturday night.

  • Prizes can be picked up at 5:30 on Saturday or all day on Sunday (9:00-2:00)

DMI Raffle – Saturday only: We will be having a 50/50 raffle for $1 per ticket. Winner will take half the proceeds and will be announced at 4:00pm on center court. Tickets will be sold at the gym during the day.

Center Court (court #1):  Your players will be announced on the loudspeaker before your team plays on court #1, either Saturday or Sunday.  The announcer will call each player in numeric order.  Please advise your player to run down the aisle of cheerleaders on the court, and then line up near the sideline, facing center court. We will have the older kids helping to line them up.  

After both teams are announced and lined up facing each other at center court, they will meet in the center to shake hands before returning to the team bench to start the game.

Team Photos:  A team photo will be taken by one of our DMI volunteers before one of your games (preferably at your first Saturday game).  

Sunday’s Awards Ceremony:  The awards ceremony will take place immediatelyfollowing your Sunday game.  The court commissioner will advise your team where to line up on the center court at the end of all the games.  Players should be seated in numeric order in a vertical line.  Every player will be called up by teams to receive participation gifts.  Coach Randy Kiehm and/or Coach Dave Yanai will present the DMI Inner Strength awards.

Donations: The DMI Foundation donates proceeds from this tournament to various organizations, including UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital Pediatric Cancer, A3M, MyWishList Foundation,  Sunshine Kids, and others.  Donations can be solicited and accepted all year, so please encourage your family and friends to support.  Please visit our website:  www.dmifoundation.organd distribute the donation letter.

CSUDH Basketball Camp: Please register your child for Coach Steve Becker’s basketball camp at CSUDH for August 3, 2019.  http://www.totalcamps.com/csudhmensbasketball.

DMI Luau:  The DMI Foundation will be hosting its fourthannual fundraiser luau on Saturday, August 17, 2019  at the  Torrance Cultural Arts Center.  Please check our website for more info and ticket information.  Hope you can join us.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to the many wonderful volunteers and donors who make this tournament possible!  Thank you to the staff of CSUDH; to Back Home in Lahainafor the chicken bowls and spam musubi and volunteer dinner; to SBYBfor use of their scoreboards; to friends at Faith UMC for the homemade baked goods and spam musubi; to the fabulous trained scorekeepers and referees who have generously donated their time and service; to Hino Designsfor the shirts; to the countless donors who contributed to the silent auction and raffle; to the numerous corporations and friends and family for their monetary donations; and to the many volunteers who contributed their time and talents.

Tournament Documents